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Navon Katsav, Attorney At Law


Navon Katsav, Attorney At Law, the owner of " Navon - Law Office", is a veteran attorney and very experienced.

Deals with the legal profession for more than - 14 years, represented hundreds of clients, in varied and complex legal issues, including representation in all courts of jurisdiction in the State of Israel.

During his studies in law, he was selected as an outstanding student and was included in the Dean List.

For many years he served as a member of a local authority, and at one time also as a deputy head of a local leadership, when all his activities for the public and for the State of Israel Were made ​​voluntarily.

The Knowledge and The experience he had accumulated in his work as Attorney At Law – and as elected official role, are bringing a professional advantage for clients before various authorities in the country.

Navon is A Member of the legal forum of lawyers for Israel, Which Works for human rights, integrity of the Government, and maintaining the national interests of Israel.

Navon has written numerous articles, in a variety of topics, relating to all aspects of our national life and society in Israel, in accordance with his vision and worldview legal, social, political, security, religious and economic.

His  name Navon ( wise ) was taken from the bible,  and was given Him by his father, of blessed memory, after he consulted with the honorable Rabbi Heftz , of the holy city of Tzfat.

"In The Heart of wise (Navon) smart rest, and among fools to be known" 

Proverbs 14 ; 33    


"behold, I have done according to thy word: I have given you a wise (Navon) and an understanding heart; so that there hath been none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee"

Kings 1, 3, 12                                               

עו"ד נבון קצב

Navon - Law Office


Our Office Provides diverse legal services in civil – commercial Law, Includes Litigation and legal representation in mediation and in arbitration.                                  

Main Practice Areas:

* commercial Law * Civil Law * civil suits * Real Estate * Planning and Construction 


* Local Authorities Law * Real-estate transactions , sale and lease

* Commercial contracts * wills * Financial Relations agreements between spouses 


We Give our clients:

* Legal professional experience of over - 18 years.

* Personal and discreet.

* Fighting for our clients.

* Professional.

* Excellence.

* Diligence.

* Integrity.

* Fairness.

* Devotion.


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